Don’t ‘Hound’ Your Co-Payers or Customers.
Keep Life Chill.

Crowd-fund the best things in life… sit back and relax.

Group-fund a Service/ProductPartner with Chillhound

Where People
and Suppliers Meet

ChillHound’s ChillPay feature promotes savvy, affiliated businesses and sells their services to individuals and groups, who co-pay to come together and purchase big-ticket experiences and gifts. We also connect consumers and celebrators of milestones, big dreams, and entertainment to the best products and services in the area.

As a broker of seamless entertainment and crowd-funded joy, we do all the work to bring together suppliers and consumers for any co-purchased gift, trip, or event, from birthdays to family reunions.

A convenient payment app, ChillPay allows event hosts and organizers to pay for group-oriented deals as individuals or to pay as a group. Simply invite others to help join in on the costs. Once the total is met, the service is yours – no uncomfortable splitting, calculations, or awkward Venmo requests.

For Suppliers

We promote our affiliated partners to the demographic best suited for their businesses and offer consumers and users a low-risk, high-accountability way to pay for their services and products.

Just follow these steps:

  • Log into ChillHound and create your vendor page.
  • Upload your service offerings, including quantity, price, and business operation information.
  • Accept and track planner/promoter deals as they come in.
  • Streamline your business with accurate sales data.

For Planners & Promoters

Crowd-fund the best events, significant gifts, and milestone celebrations. ChillPay eliminates the awkwardness of asking for money from your co-conspirators out of the equation and frees you up to chill, whether you’re enjoying a virtual bridal shower or saving up for that big Cancun trip with your friends.. 

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Fill out a request for proposal.  What are you trying to do, where, and how?
  • Find corresponding deals through ChillHound’s algorithm, catered specifically to your needs.
  • Select the deal you want and pay, or invite others to help you pay.
  • Once the total amount needed is met, the service is a go!

Let ChillHound connect you with the right customers or suppliers to plan the most fun and effortless celebrations and gifts!

Let ChillHound connect you with the right customers or suppliers

to plan the most fun and effortless events!

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